$IROC token

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$IROC tokens are the lifeblood of the SolRockers ecosystem and keeping the token economy balanced is our main priority. $IROC tokens are rewarded to players/stakers and are used to purchase items in our NFT minting and merchandise marketplace.

Token Generators:

SolRockers NFTs – assemble a band then stake/practice/compete
Studio NFTs – generate % of all staked rewards
Venue NFTs – generate % of all show rewards
SolGear NFTs – vintage music gear for boosting Earning Power
Backstage Bastard NFTs – Develop into Gen1 SolRockers NFTs
SolRockers Band NFTs – utilize 4 original SolRockers NFTs to mint a new NFT collection, sell on marketplaces and receive royalties.

Token Expenditure:

SolGear NFTs – limited vintage music gear for boosting staking power (Token Burn Event)
Mint Backstage Pass NFTs – for breeding Gen1 SolRockers NFTs (Token Burn Event)
Mint SolRockers Band NFTs – for creating new in-game NFTs (Token Burn Event)
Tour Fees – Battle of the Bands tour fees paid to venue owners
Competition Fees – Battle of the Bands competition fees paid to venue owners
Studio Fees – Staking fees paid to studio owners
SolRockers Marketplace – SolRockers merchandise and concert tickets

Be early to the game and a part of the token launch

We feel it’s important to give every SolRockers NFT owner a piece of the action. The day of the TGE SolRockers early adopters can stake and claim accelerated tokens rewards. Whitelist participants will receive an added staking bonus! The earlier you get in on the action, the more you’ll get out of it!