What is Battle of The Bands?

Battle of the Bands is a unique, fast-paced, play-to-earn rhythm game featuring hard rock/metal songs that’ll keep your fingers moving like the shredding Rockstar you dream to be. This is a real-time action rhythm game that is challenging and fun to play.
Choose between 10 levels of difficulty in practice mode to get your chops ready for a proper tour. In tour mode, win all the battles in succession and your band will be handsomely rewarded. Don’t feel like going on tour? Stay in the studio and continue to earn while practicing... we understand stage fright can be overwhelming!
Then there’s PVP; this is what separates garage bands from arena rockstars. Your band’s flawless performances let you climb the charts and earn the right to battle it out in our top player vs player competitions.

How can I participate in the game and earn $IROC tokens?

There are ways for both active and passive players to participate in the SolRockers economy.
Active players who own SolRockers NFTs can create bands to play the Battle of the Bands rhythm game and accumulate tokens via practicing, touring, and competing in Battle of the Bands PVP competitions. It only takes one NFT to get started. On the other hand, passive players can sit in the studio or own studio and venue ownership NFTs to earn even more tokens.
Studio NFT owners earn a percentage of every token generated from NFTs staked to their studio. Venue NFT owners earn a percentage of every token earned for each show played in their venue. This percentage is set by the NFT owner. Set a competitive rate to attract more bands!

How do I buy a SolRocker NFT?

You can buy a SolRockers NFT by participating in the NFT Mint scheduled for Spring of 2022. Specific details coming soon!
The sale will include a total of 8,000 SolRockers at a fixed price (TBD) using Solana. The rarity of the SolRockers that each purchaser receives will be generated randomly, and the SolRockers will be sent to the buyers immediately.

How do I acquire a studio or venue NFT?

The hardest working bands will be awarded access to the whitelist of studio and venue ownership NFTs. This is accomplished by being a devoted PVP band or an active community member. There are a total of 20 studio and 10 venue ownership NFTs. Mint scheduled for Phase 4.

What are Backstage Bastards?

Backstage Bastards NFTs are next generation SolRockers. They are spawned by using Backstage Pass NFTs. You need to own a minimum of 2 SolRockers to purchase Backstage Passes.

What are SolRockers Band NFTs?

Our top holders and active community members will have the opportunity to mint their SolRockers Band to a new NFT collection. Collect royalties every time it sells on a major marketplace and for all in-game transactions. You created it so you reap all the rewards!

What are $IROC tokens?

$IROC is the in-game currency powering the Battle of the Bands game economy.
Players can acquire $IROC tokens by buying it on a DEX, by playing our Battle of the Bands rhythm game, or through acquiring studio or venue ownership NFTs.
Players can spend $IROC tokens minting SolGear NFTs or buying Backstage Pass NFTs to spawn Backstage Bastards. $IROC tokens will be used to cover competition and tour expenses when it comes time to hit the road.

How does earning power work?

Earning Power is a token multiplier determined by the SolRockers NFT rarity ranking. This is used to calculate the amount of $IROC tokens generated per hour while staked to studio ownership NFTs. Earning power of 1 = 15 $IROC token per day. The Earning Power only applies to $IROC reward calculations while the NFTs are staked.
Rarity 1-8 = Earning Power of 7 Rarity 9-48 = Earning Power of 5.8 Rarity 49-128 = Earning Power of 5 Rarity 129-288 = Earning Power of 4.2 Rarity 289-528= Earning Power of 3.4 Rarity 529-1000 = Earning Power of 2.8 Rarity 1001-2000 = Earning Power of 2.2 Rarity 2001-4000 = Earning Power of 1.7 Rarity 4001-6000 = Earning Power of 1.4 Rarity 6001-8000 = Earning Power of 1