The Beat of the SolRockers Community
Although the rock and roll lifestyle is sometimes associated with sex and drugs, the more popular and successful artists realized it was better to focus on their fans and build incredible communities. SolRockers NFT plan to do just that: Build one of the best communities in the Metaverse.
How will SolRockers develop a community similar to the best hard-rock bands of the 80’s and 90’s?
· Create unique NFTs and a fun Play-To-Earn environment
· Free content and frequent community rewards
· Identify and empower members as ambassadors, leaders, and creators
· Continuous and purposeful interaction between community members, artists and creators
· Community led donations to worthy causes
Our goal is to create a vibrant ecosystem where NFT owners are rewarded for their efforts. We believe that each holder should have the ability to pursue their own interests by creating a free market within our community. For example, you can combine any 4 SolRockers NFTs to mint a new NFT band. The new NFT band can be sold and the creator will receive royalty rewards for all transactions in-game or every time it sells on the marketplace. Also, we plan to collaborate with professional artists giving them a way to enter the Metaverse by creating and promoting their personalized SolRockers NFTs along with music packs of their songs.