Battle of The Bands

The Game
SolRockers Battle of the Bands is a next-gen PVE/PVP rhythm game built on the Unity game engine and the Solana blockchain.
Create your NFT band Assemble and name your band, stake your SolRockers NFTs to one of 20 studios, then battle it out in our unique fast-paced Play-To-Earn rhythm game. First, hone your skills while practicing to achieve your daily $IROC rewards. When it’s time, hit the road to test your skills and battle national acts for a huge $IROC bonuses! Our top holders will have the opportunity to mint their SolRockers Band to a new NFT collection. Collect royalties every time it sells on a major market place and for all transactions in-game. You created it so you reap all the rewards!
Competitions – PVP Enter player vs player Battle of the Bands with NFT groups from all over the world. Wager $IROC tokens in winner-take-all competitions. Climb the charts to enter our multiplayer competitions — only the tastiest riffs will prevail. And with sweet riffs come sweet $IROC rewards!
Be a collector or owner Collect in-game assets like music gear – SolGear NFTs – found in Loot Boxes that are awarded after competitions adding to your potential earning power. Acquire an ownership NFT of a legendary music studio or music venue and compete to retain top artists by setting your fees to earn even more. Then sit back and enjoy the $IROC token rewards.
Last modified 1yr ago